Hazrat Jaffer Jildi r.a

He was a famous friend of Junaid of Baghdad. He followed Islamic jurisprudence and mystic way in the best possible manner.

He was also perfect in the knowledge of truth. He told he has with him books on Sufi knowledge and when he was asked whether in those books is any book of Hakim Tirimidhi? And then he replied “I do not think Hakim Tirmidhi belongs to Sufi group as he was a popular sheikh of his time.”

His  most  dearest  disciple’s  name  is  Hamza  Alawi  and who was always in his service and he asked one night his Sufi  master’s  permission  to  go  to  his  house  but  he  told him to stay with him in that night and he can go to his house next day. At that time his disciple did not say any thing in this matter and obeyed his order but actually he has some work in the house in that night so he want to go to  his  house  to  prepare  chicken  curry  for  his  family members for eating the food for them for the next day.   But when he heard his master’s order to stay there and he thought if he will stay there then his family members will be left hungry as they are waiting for him in that night.



For this reason he again asked his permission to leave him to attend the above urgent work at his house. But his master told him unwillingly that if he want to leave him then he can go to his house.

When he reached back his house and prepared chicken curry and when it was ready then he asked his daughter to bring curry pot from the kitchen room but his daughter fell down with the curry pot on the floor and all curry and chicken pieces were fallen on the floor. So he asked her daughter to collect curry and chicken pieces from the floor and also to wash chicken pieces to enable the members of his family to eat these pieces in the next morning. But at that time a dog came over there and ate curry and chicken pieces from the floor and went away.

When he saw this he was shocked due to loss of curry and also thought that he will lose his master.

When he reached back in the presence of his master then the Sheikh told him ” Oh : Brother one who will not obey his master’s order and give trouble to his sheikh for the sake of a piece of chicken for such thing Allah will send a

dog to eat the chicken pieces.” When he heard this he was

deeply effected and begged for his pardon with his master for his disobedience and became his true follower for his entire life.

Once he saw the prophet in his dream and asked  him what is Sufism? And  the prophet replied him “The condition in which one can see The providence and where there will be end of the servitude.”

He told “The Talwin is a (position) of saints from where



they will get higher status and ranks and the saints who are not aware of the level of Takwin will not get higher position and also will not go forward for the process of status.”

“If you find a Darwesh who eats too much food then it is clear that he is not free from the defect in him or he was too much eater in his previous life  or  he  adopted  such habit afterwards and for this reason he is away from the right path.”

He  told  “For  the  patientcy  of  one  minute  then  such

person will be eligible for the benefits of the both worlds.” He told “Trust is the matter in which one should  be grateful for any thing which will be available for him or not and in both these conditions one should not feel any difference and be happy and if any thing is not available and also there should be grief if any thing is available with him and so he should be in the same condition in both situations and not feel any difference at all.”

He has one gem with him and once it was fallen in Tigris river but he know one prayer and upon his praying he got it back in his book.

He told “It is courage to respect the Muslim community while thinking one’s soul as lower and down.”

“It is wisdom that one should keep away from the things which are dangerous for the Eman (faith).”

He told “It is not called effort in which there is benefit for one’s soul but it is called effort in which there is benefit which is done for the Muslim brothers.”

“If you need the company of the persons of truth then



you will become courageous one because without it one can not get the status upon his efforts.”

One who follows his soul then he will not get the pleasure for his soul and also he will not get the pleasure in his status. And for this reason the people of truth disconnected themselves from the worries.

One who will not do efforts for the knowledge of soul then his servitude will not be accepted.

In all conditions the souls of right persons will demand the truth. And their souls will become medium of knowledge and their hearts will also become a place for the secrets and the soul will witness at this stage and then it will be able to get the knowledge of inspiration. His was buried in the grave yard in Shonezea city and his grave is near the grave of Sarri Saqti and Junaid of Baghdad.