Hazrat Amr Bin Murrah (رضئ اللہ تعالی عنہ)

Amr Bin Murrah RA – Da’wah to his people.


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Amr bin Murrah Juhani RA
Gives Da’wah to his People.
The Dream Amr bin Murrah RA had, is about the Risaalah of Rasulullah SAW. Amr bin Murrah RA narrates that he once performed Haj with a group of his people during the Period of Ignorance. While in Makkah he had a dream in which he saw a light rising from the Kabah which extended its illumination to the mountains of Yathrib (now called Madinah) and the Ash’ar mountains in the region of the Juhayna tribe. He also heard a voice in the light saying, “Darkness has been dispersed, light has spread and the seal of the Ambiya has been sent.” He then saw another light which illuminated for him the palaces of Heera and white buildings of Mada’in. He again heard a voice in the light which said,”Islam has become manifest, the idols are destroyed and family ties are fostered.” He then woke up with a fright and said to his people,
“By Allah!- Something astounding is going to take place amongst the tribe of the Quraish.” He then related the dream to them. Amr bin Murrah RA Meets Rasulullah SAW and accepts Islam. When Amr bin Murrah RA reached his locality, the news reached him that a person called Ahmad has been sent as a Rasul. He left home and came to Rasulullah SAW. When he informed Rasulullah SAW about his dream, Rasulullah SAW said, “O !Amr bin Murrah! I am the Rasul of Allah sent to all of mankind. I invite you to Islam and command you to protect life, to foster good family ties, to worship Allah SWT Alone, to forsake idols, to perform Haj to the Ka’abah and to fast during Ramadhan which is one of the twelve months of the year.’ Whoever accepts this shall have Jannah and whoever disobeys shall have the fire of Jahannam. Accept Iman, 0! Amr bin Murrah and Allah shall rescue you from the terror of Jahannam.”
Amr bin Murrah RA &said, “I testify that there is none worthy of worship but Allah and that you are Allah’s Rasul. I believe in everything Halal and Haram that you have brought even though a great number of people reject it. The tribe of Amr bin Murrah RA had an idol and it was his father who tended to it. However, Amr bin Murrah RA broke the idol before coming to meet Rasulullah SAW.(After embracing Islam,) Amr bin Murrah RA then recited to Rasulullah SAW,some couplets he had composed when he heard of Rasulullah SAW.
These are translated as follows:
I testify that AIIah is True,
and without doubt,
I am the first to forsake,
the gods of stone.
I have folded up my trousers to migrate,
Over difficult roads’
and inhospitable lands,
I travel to you 0! Rasulullah SAW,
To be in the company of him,
who is the best of people,
in personality and lineage.
Who is the messenger of Allah,
Allah the King of mankind,
and of everything above the heavens”

Rasulullah SAW congratulated him on these couplets. Rasulullah SAW sends Amr bin Murrah RA to give da’wah to his People and Advises Him. Arnr bin Murrah RA then said to Rasulullah SAW, “May my parents be sacrificed for you! Do send me to my people. Perhaps Allah shall bestow His grace on them through me as He has bestowed His grace on me through you.” When Rasulullah SAW sent him, he first advised him saying, “Always adopt gentleness and honest speech. Never be ill-tempered, proud or jealous.”

Amr bin Murrah RA then went to his people and said, “0 Rifaa’ah or I should rather say 0 gathering of the Juhayna tribe! I am the messenger of the Rasulullah SAW. I invite you to accept Islam and command you to protect life, to foster good family ties, to worship Allah Alone, to forsake idols, to perform Haj to the Ka’abah and to fast during Ramadhaan, which is one of the twelve months of the year. Whoever accepts this shall have Jannah and whoever disobeys shall have the fire of Jahannam. 0 gathering of the Juhayna! Allah SWT has made you the best of the Arab tribes and even during the Period of Ignorance you detested the evil practices of that other Arab tribes liked. They used to join two sisters in one marriage, wage wars during the sacred months and succeed their fathers as husbands of their mothers. Accept the call of the Nabi that Allah has sent from the lineage of Luway bin Ka’b and you will attain the honor of this world and great distinction in the Akhirah.”
Only one person came to him saying, “0! Amr bin Murrah RA! May Allah make your life bitter! Do you command us to forsake our gods and to create divisions within ourselves. Do you command us to oppose the religion of our forefathers who were all of extremely high character and to adopt the religion towards which the person of the Quraish from the people of Tihaamah is calling? We have neither love for him nor any respect. The wretch then proceeded to say the following couplets, which mean:
‘Ibn Murrah has come with a statement,
A statement that cannot be from one who wishes reformation,
I am sure that the words and actions of Ibn Murrah,
Shall prove to be a lump in the throat even though some time may elapse,
He makes fools of our noble predecessors
And whoever dares to do this can never attain success”
Amr bin Murrah RA said to the man, “May Allah make life bitter for the one who is lying from the two of us. May Allah make him dumb and blind as well.” A narrator says, “By Allah! Before the man died, he lost all this teeth, he became blind, went insane and has unable to taste any food.” Amr bin Murrah RA comes to Rasulullah SAW with those from his tribe who Accepted Islam and Rasulullah SAW has a Letter Written for them.
Amr bin Murrah RA left his locality with his people who accepted Islam and came to Rasulullah SAW. Rasulullah SAW greeted them and welcomed them. He also had the following letter written to their people:
In the name of Allah The Most Kind The Most Merciful This is a letter from the Mighty Allah, expressed on the tongue of His Rasul who has come with the absolute truth and a Book that speaks the truth. It is entrusted with Amr bin Murrah RA and addressed to the Juhayna bin Zaid tribe. You may have for yourselves the low-lying lands and plains as well as the hills and backs of the valleys. You may also tend its crops and drink its water. All this is ‘on condition that you pay one-fifth of booty, perform five solahs, give two goats (as zakaah) for every flock of sheep or goats when they are together (and they number between 120 and 200) and one goat for every flock that is separate (and number between 40 and 119). There shall be no zakah on animals used for ploughing fields and for drawing water. Allah SWT and all the Muslims present are witness to this settlement between us.”
Qais bin Shammaas RA wrote this letter.
One of the Hadith narrated by Amr bin Murrah RA:
The fasting person will be among the true followers of the prophets and the martyrs:

Amr Ibn Murrah al-Juhaani RA. said: “A man came to Rasulullah SAW and said: ‘O Messenger of Allah, what if I testify that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah and that you are the Messenger of Allah, and I observe the five daily prayers, and I pay the Zakah, and I fast and stand in prayer in Ramadan, then amongst whom shall I be?’ He said: ‘Amongst the true followers of the prophets and the martyrs.’ “ [Ibn Hibbaan, Sahih]

Hadith from Rasulullah SAW to Amr bin Murrah Al Juhani

A man from Qudaah come to Rasulullah SAW and said: O!! Rasulullah, what do you think if I testify, that is no God but except Allah SWT, and you his Muhammad are his Rasulullah and pray 5 times a day, fast in the month of Ramadhan and pay zakat. And pray at night in Ramadhan.
Rasulullah SAW said: whoever dies on that will be among the siddiqen, ( those who tell the truth) and the martyr.