Hazrat Al Jhash (رضئ اللہ تعالی عنہ)


Fear of death was unknown to the Sahabah . Therefore, they were fearless and brave. A person who can face death can meet all situations. There was neither love for wealth nor any fear for the enemy. I wish I could also have this quality from these true heroes.
Ibn Jahsh and Sa’ad Pray for Each Other

Saad ibn Waqas is braveness in time of war and peace.
On the eve of the battle Uhud, Abdullah bin Jahsh said to Sa’ad bin Abi Waqqaas : ‘‘O, Sa’ad! Come, let us make dua together. Let each one ask Allahfor the grant of his only wish, whilst the other would say Aameen to it. In this way, the duas are more likely to be answered by Allah .” Sa’ad agreed, and they both went to a corner to make dua. Sa’ad was first to ask Allah , saying: “O Allah! When the battle rages tomorrow, let me face a very strong and fierce enemy. Let him attack me with might and power, and let me drive him away with all my strength. Then, O Allah, let me be successful by killing him for your sake, and allow me to have his possessions as booty.”
Abdullahsaid: “Aameen.”
Then Abdullah started his dua, saying: “O Allah! let me face one of the toughest fighters among the enemy tomorrow. Let him attack me with full force and let me attack him with my full strength. Then let him have the upper hand and kil1 me. He may cut my nose and ears from my body. When I appear before you on the Day of Qiyaamah, You may ask me, ‘How did you lose your nose and ears, O, Abdullah!,’ To which I may reply, ‘These were lost in the way of Allahand His Nabi saw.’ Then You will say, ‘Yes! Surely these were lost in my way.’”
Sa’ad said: “Aameen.”
Warriors and fight for Islam -Saad ibn Waqqas

In the battlefield next day, both of the Sahabah saw their duas answered exactly as they had asked. Sa’ad says: “Abdullah’s dua was better than mine. In the evening I noticed his ears and nose strung in a thread.” This story on the one hand shows the great courage and bravery on the part of Sahaabah while on the other hand it shows their devotion and love for Allah . They were restless to face the brave and strong amongst the enemy. Abdullah wishes Allah to prove on the Day of Qiyaamah that his sacrifice was really for Allah’s cause. What an excellent wish!