In the same way Our Saint explained the dignity and special honour of Kaaba-tullah (Holy Shrine). encourage his novice disciples regarding Hajj he would say that whoever performs Hajj with sincerity, his belief was perfect.

Hajj is of two kinds Hajj-e-Azam and Hajj-e-Khas. That is why Sarkar Waris explained in detail his common devotees the mystical qualities of kaabba and the blessing of Hajj according to their capacity. To special devotees he repeated the rites of Hajj; their performance of mystical exercise and the way of life of a lover which is the main principle. Hajj is testing ground of testing questions, whoever was firm in this he was included among the friends of God. Who ever performed Hajj in staunch faith, surely he will get unseen help. It is necessary that in quest of love if trouble is caused on should regard it as comfort.

Our Saint used to embrace those who came to pay respects after performing the Hajj some of his old disciples who were benefitted by his spiritual fervour he used instruct them when they came to meet him before departure to pilgrimage. To some he advised the journey to the Holy Shrine by walk. To some he advised to earn the blessings of Arafat. To others to spend their lives in Medina till passing away to the next world. He advised some to observe the Divine lustre on the Holy Prophet’s tomb, to experienced persons to lead a retired life on the uninhabited hills and to others to spend their life in visiting holy places.


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