Ya Waris

For a few days our Saint visited surrounding historical places of Turkey and conferred the
Divine Blessings on seekers of truth. For example Rumi Shah Warisi Sahib whose former name
was Hassan Baig enamoured by the spiritual dignity of our Saint came to Indore to pay
respects to him. For sometime leading an ascetic and mystic life breathed his last on Mount
Abu, This fortunate Turkish officer chanced to meet our Saint while he visited the strait of
Dardnells, a fortified fort and offered a cool tumbler of water to quench the thirst of our Saint
with utter humility and respect. Our Saint’s favour bestowing eyes glittered with such lustre
that his heart was attracted by his spiritual way of life. He immediately forsook worldly life to
seek Divine Love and became a Tahband (Loose garment draped over lower body) mendicant.
Sarkar Waris became so popular in Constantinople that many people were unwilling to be
separated from him, when he was about to depart from Constantinople. But when he
expressed his desire to proceed to Mecca to perform Hajj they felt helpless and allowed him to
leave their place.

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