When our Saint was in Medina he was ardently longing to have a glimpse of his grand
ancestors and went near the Holy Prophet’s tomb. He was restless due to the pain of long
separation and the condition of his pure heart was such that it is possible our Holy Prophet
aware of his young grandson’s state of mind favoured his to reach the highest elevation of
Divine vicinity, the effect of which centuries after, in every nook and corner of the world,
springs of divine love and human sympathy burst and gushed forth.
Similarly when he passed through the Eternal Resting Place of the Lady of Paradise (Khatoone‐
Janat an appellation of Hazrat Bibi Fatima‐tuz‐Zuhrah) what blessings she conferred on him
is known from his fountains of bounty and blessings. Hence our Saint has ‐ said many a time,
“Bibi Fatima‐tuz‐Zuhrah reached the highest stage of surrender to the will of God. Who ever
got the blessings of patience it is from the family of our Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad
(peace be upon Him). Who ever got this gift he was always successful. “
It is due to the cultivation of the habit of endurance and fortitude our Saint never complained
any suffering even illness. In this manner visiting the tombs of his ancestors in Medina, he
remained there for three months where many devotees became his disciples.

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