According to Ali b. Abi Talib : “I was with the Prophet in Makkah, so we set out in
one of its directions, and no mountain and no tree on his way
came to pass without saying: ‘Peace be upon you O Allah’s
Messenger !’”Reported by al-Trimidhi. According to al-Tirmidhi: This is a
fine tradition, and al-Hakim said: This is a tradition with an authentic
chain of transmission.

According to Abu Musa al-Asha’ri : “Abu Talib set out towards Syria and the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلمwas
also accompanying him, along with (affluent) shaykhs of Quraysh.
Then, when they drew near to the monk, they alighted, and
unfastened their camel saddles. The monk came out to meet
them. They (the affluent Quraysh) used to pass by him before that
too, but he would not come out towards them and he would not
pay any attention. (However, on this particular occasion) the
monk started mingling with them while they were yet
unfastening their camel saddles. He came to the Messenger of
Allah , took hold of his hand and said: ‘This is the Master of the worlds! This is the Messenger of the Lord of the worlds!
Allah 9 will send him as a mercy for all the worlds!’ The shaykhs
of Quraysh then said to him: ‘How do you know all this?’ He
said: ‘When you drew near to al-Aqaba Valley, no tree and no
stone failed to bow in prostration, and they do not prostrate
themselves except for a Prophet. I recognize him by the seal of
Prophethood beneath the scapulum of his shoulder, like the
apple.’ He then went back and prepared a meal for them. When
he bought it to them, while he was in the herd of camels, he said:
‘send for him!’ when he came, a cloud provided him shade.
When he drew near to the people, he found that they had gone
ahead of him to the shadow of the tree. Then, when (the
Prophet) sat down, the shadow of the tree bent over him. So, he
said: ‘look at the shadow of the tree! It has bent over him!’ … He
said: ‘I adjure you by Allah 9, which of you is his guardian?’
They said: ‘Abu Talib.’ Then, he did not cease adjuring him to
send him back till Abu Talib send him back.”
Reported by al-Tirmidhi and Ibn Abi Shayba.

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