According to Anas :
“Once during the lifetime of Allah’s Messenger , the
people of Medina suffered from drought. So, while the Prophet
was delivering sermon on a Friday, a man stood up saying, ‘0
Allah’s Messenger ! The horses and sheep have perished. Will
you invoke Allah to bless us with rain?’ The Prophet lifted
both his hands and invoked (Allah 9). Anas said: The sky at
that time was as clear as glass. Suddenly a wind blew, raising
clouds that gathered together, and it started raining heavily. We
came out (of the mosque) wading through the flowing water till
we reached our homes. It went on raining till the next Friday,
when the same man or some other man stood up and said, ‘0
Allah’s Messenger ! The houses have collapsed; please invoke
Allah to withhold the rain.’ On that the Prophet smiled and
said, ‘0 Allah 9, (let it rain) around us and not on us.’ I then
looked at the clouds to see them separating, forming a sort of a
crown around Medina.’”
In another tradition: “They said: ‘O Allah’s Messenger
! Rains stopped, trees turned dry and cattle persished.’”
In another tradition: “(Due to heavy rains, The people
said) ‘The roads seems disconnected.’”
In another tradition: “Wherever (the Prophet ) he
pointed out with his hand the clouds burst and moved away.
However, the rain continues in the outskirts of Medina and the
river called Qana’a was seen overflowing until a month.”
Agreed upon by al-Bukhari and al-Muslim

Set forth by al-Bukhari in al-Sahih, Bk.: al-Manqib, [The excellent merits],
3/1313, $ 3389. An in Bk.: al-Istasqa, [Prayer for rains], 1/ 346, $ 975, Bk.: alIstasqa, [Prayer for rains], in Ch.: Khutba al-Istesqa, 1/315, $ 891. al-Muslim in al-Sahih, Bk.: al-Istasqa, [Prayer for rains], 2/614, $ 897. Abu Dawud in
al-Sunan, Ch.: al-Istasqa, [Prayer for rains], 1/304, $ 1174. al-Bukhari in alAdab al-Mufrad, 1/214, $ 612. al-Tabarani in al-Mu’jam al-Awsat, 3/95, $
2601, and in al-Dua’, 1/596, 597, $ 2179.

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