According to Mu’adh b. Jabaler:
“One morning, the Messenger of Allah delayed in
setting out to us for ritual prayer of dawn, until we were just
about to see the rays of the sunlight (very much closer to sunrise).
Then he came out quickly, (the people) were prepared for ritual
prayer. The Messenger of Allah performed the ritual prayer,
and he performed it in a relatively quick manner. When he said
Salaam (ended the prayer), he said loudly to us: ‘Stay in your rows
as you are.’ Then he turned coming near to us, and said: ‘I am
going to narrate you what kept me from you this morning: I got
up during the night, I performed ablution and prayed as much as I
was able to, and I dozed off during my prayer, and fell deep
asleep. Then I saw my Lord, Blessed and the Most High, in the
best of appearance. He said: ‘0 Muhammad!’ I said: ‘My Lord
here I am!’ He said: ‘What is it that the most exalted group
busy with?’ I said: ‘I do not know Lord.’ And He said it three
times. He said: ‘So I saw Him placing His Palm (often related
to the mighty power) between my shoulders, and I sensed the
coolness of His Fingertips (often related to the mighty power) on
my chest. Then everything was disclosed for me, and I became
In another narration from Abd al-Rahman b. A’ysh and
Ibn Masud , He (the Messenger of Allah ) said: ‘I became
aware of everything present in the skies and on the earth. He
(Allah 9) said: ‘0 Muhammad!’ I said: ‘Here I am my Lord!’ He
said: ‘What is being discussed among angels?’ I said: ‘They are
discussing about Kafaraat.’ He said: ‘What is it?’ I said: ‘The
footsteps of the ritual prayer, the gatherings in the Mosques after
the prayers, and beside difficulties performing complete ablution.’
He said: ‘Then, what else?’ I said: ‘The stations (in paradise).’ He
said: ‘What is it?’ I said: ‘Feeding others, being lenient in speech,
and praying during the night while the people are sleeping.’ He
said: ‘Ask.’ I said: ‘0 Allah 9! I ask you the help to perform good
deeds, refraining from the evil, loving the poor, and that You
forgive me, and have Mercy upon me. And when You plan to
curse the people, then safe me from that curse. And I ask You for
Your love, the love of whomever You love, and love of the deeds
that bring nearer to Your love.’ the Messenger of Allah 9 said:
‘Indeed it is a true (dream), so (you) learn it and teach it (to
Reported by al-Tirmidhi, Ahmad and al-Tabaraani

Set forth by al-Tirmidhi in al-Sunan, Bk.: Tafseer al-Quran, [Commentary
on Quran], 2/155, $ 3235. Ahmed b. Hanbal in al-Musnad, 5/243, $ 22162.
al-Tabarani in al-Mu’jam al-Kabir,1/317, $ 938, 7/322, $ 8207, and in 20/109,
$ 216. al-Hakim in al-Mustadrak,1/521.

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