According to Anas b. Malik al-Ansari , who had followed
the Prophet , served him and was blessed with his
companionship as a special servant:
Abu Bakr used to lead them in the ritual prayers
during the departing ailment of the Prophet , so it was Monday
and the companions aligned in rows, were offering the ritual
prayer when the beloved Prophet raised the curtain of his
sacred chamber and standing there blessed us with his
compassionate gaze (we were missing so restlessly and waiting for
so impatiently). The effulgent face of our beloved Prophet
seemed like the (illuminated) pages of the holy Quran. (When he
glanced at the ritual prayer in progress) he (felt pleased and)
smiled. We had nearly ended our ritual prayer due to the extreme
joy of having a (blissful and heartening) glimpse (and beholding)
of the (pleased and gleaming) holy countenance of our beloved
Prophet.“Abu Bakr (felt as if the holy Messenger of Allah
was coming for the ritual prayer, so) he initiated to drag himself
on his sole to join the row (behind the leader). But (our beloved)
Prophet gave us the gesture to complete our ritual prayer.
Then he pulled down the curtain, and he departed us the same
Agreed upon by Al Bukhari and al-Muslim

Set forth by al-Bukhari in al-Sahih, Bk.: al-Adhan, [the call to prayer], Ch.:
The Masters of knowledge and excellent merit almost worthy of prayer
leadership, 1/240. $ 648, Bk.: al-Adhan, [the call to prayer], Ch.: Is attention
paid to a matter which come up? 1/262 $ 721, Bk.: al-Tahajjud, [the
nighttime ritual prayer], 1/ 403, $ 1147, and in Bk.: al-Maghazi, [Military
Expeditions], 4/1616, $ 4183. al-Muslim in al-Sahih, Bk. al-Salat [the ritual
prayer], Ch.: Appointing someone to lead the prayer in the ritual prayer as a
substitute for him in his absence is due to illness travel and other such
excuses, 1/316, $ 419. al-Nisa’i likewise in al-Sunan al-Kubra, Bk.: al-Janaiz ,
[Funeral ceremonies], 4/7, $ 1831. Ibn Ma’ja in al-Sunan, Bk.: al-Janaiz,
[Funeral ceremonies], 1/517, $ 1624. Ahmed b. Humbal in al-Musnad, 3/163,
196-197, 211. Ibn Hibban In al-Sahih, 14/587, $ 587. ibn al-Khuzayma in al￾Sahih, 2/372, $ 1488.

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