According to Sahl b. sa’d al-Sa’idi :
 “Allah’s Messenger went to a tribe of Amar b. Awaf,
to bring about peace among them (to settle a dispute). Meanwhile
the time of the ritual prayer approached, so the Muezzen came to
Abu Bakr and said: ‘Will you lead the people in the ritual
prayer, so that I may announce its commencement?’ he said:
‘Yes’. So Abu Bakr started leading the ritual prayer. During the
proceedings of the prayer, Allah’s Messenger also came and
passed sharp through the rows until he reached to stand in the
(first) row. The people patted their hands (like clapping to seek
the attention) of Abu Bakr , but (absorbed in prayer) he would
never pay attention to anything else during the ritual prayer.
When the sound of batting the hands rose, Abu Bakr got it and
perceived (that) the beloved Messenger of Allah (had come, so
he decided to step back from his position). But Allah’s Messenger
indicated him to continue in his position. On this Abu Bakr
raised his hand and thank the Almighty Allah 9, for Allah‘s
Messenger had commanded him for the leadership (of the
ritual prayer). Then he stepped back into the first row. So Allah’s
Messenger stepped forward (and took the leadership of the
ritual prayer). After completing the ritual prayer, he said: ‘Abu
Bakr what prevented you from continuing as leader after I had
commanded you?’ Abu Bakr submitted: ‘O Messenger of Allah
! How dare son of Abu Quhafa lead the ritual prayer in front of
Allah’s Messenger ?’ After this Allah’s Messenger said,
turning towards the companions : ‘Why I have seen you
clapping hands? If something unexpected happens during the
prayer proceedings one should loudly say: “Glory be to Allah
[Subhan Allah].” So if someone pronounces [Subhan Allah], he
should be given attention. As for clapping, that is exclusive for
Agreed upon by al-Bukhari and al-Muslim.


Set forth by al-Bukhari in al-Sahih, Bk.: al-Adnan [The call to prayer],
Ch.: If someone enters to lead the people in prayer then the first Imam
arrives whether or not in the first is late he is leading the prayer is
permissible, According to Aysha, on the authority of the Prophet, 1/242, $
652, and in Ch.: Activity in the ritual prayer, what is permissible for the
men in the ritual prayer, 1/402, $ 1143, and Ch.: Clapping for the woman,
1/403, $ 1146 and Ch.: The hands in the ritual prayers, 1/407, $ 1160 and Ch.:
In al-Sahwu, [advertent negligence], Ch.: Signaling in the ritual prayer,
1/414, 4 1177, 2544, 2547, 6767. al-Muslim in al-Sahih, Bk.: al-Salat, [the
prayer], Ch.: The congregations putting someone forward to lead them in
the ritual prayer, when the Imam is late, 1/316, $ 421. Abu Dawu’d in al￾Sunan, Bk.: al-salat, [the ritual prayer], Ch.: Clapping in the ritual prayer,
1/247, $ 940. Al-Nis’ai in al-Sunan, Bk.: al-Adab al-Khudha, [proper
procedures of the judges], Ch.: The governors approach to his subject in
order to re-conceal them, 8/243, $ 5413, and Bk.: al-Imama [prayer
leadership], 2/77, $ 784. Malik in al-Muwatta, 1/163, $ 61.

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