Huzur ﷺ advice to Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam

Huzur ﷺ advice to Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam in the battle of (Ghazwa) Ta’if and Huzur’s confirmation that Allah, the Almighty tells Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam in his ears, that is to say, what Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam says, is His word.

When the unbelievers were defeated in the battle of Hunnain, they sought shelter in Ta’if. They started preparations for the war. Ta’if was very much protected place because it was covered by walls on all the four directions. Saqif’s family was living here who were very courageous. There was a protected fort also. Ta’if and Hunnain’s defeated armies renovated the fort and provisions were stored for one year. Observation posts were established on all the four sides of the fort, and they tightened their belts to fight against the Islamic armies. On receiving the information, Huzur ﷺ came to Ta’if, and the Islamic armies encircled the fort. The enemies showered the heated iron-bars. Many people were
injured. The encirclement continued for twenty days. Then, Huzur ﷺ ordered that the encirclement should be lifted up and instead of fight, he offered following pray for them before the Almighty:

“Kindly inspire Saqif to come to me for the acceptance of Islam.”

Due to the impact of this prayer, a great craving for acceptance of Islam was created in the heart of Urva Ibn-e-Masood, the wealthiest person of Saqfi. Hence, yet Huzur ﷺ did not even reach Medina, the person presented him before Huzur ﷺ, accepted Islam and returned with a vast treasure of acceptance of Islam. The stone-hearted people of Saqif killed him. But after some days, Ehl-e-Ta’if sent a representative in the service of Huzur ﷺ who was converted into a Muslim, went back to Ta’if and advocated Islam. The miraculous result of this movement was that on the occasion of the historical last Hajj, there was not a single Saqfi who was devoid of the treasure of accepting Islam.

The encirclement during the war of Ta’if had its own importance. It took twenty days. There were two points, the first one was, how to manage the food and other facilities for the army of eleven to twelve thousand soldiers. The other point was, if the encirclement was released, the nonbelievers would take Muslims to be weak, and they would try to dominate over them. On this matter, Huzur ﷺ very confidently talked to Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam for a long time. There may be some other matters also. Some people were jealous about this, and they said, “With your cousin, you had a long discussion.” On this, Huzur ﷺ said, “I did not discuss with him, it was Allah, the Almighty who talked to him.” While writing this Hadith, Imam Tirmizi says, “The meaning of ‘Allah, the Almighty has talked to him’ means, Allah has ordered me that I should discuss with him.”

This interaction shows that Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam has been made the sharer of divine secrets. So much so that He ordered Nabi to undertake the divine discussions with Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam. These blessings of Allah had been so much exhibited that in the presence of about eleven to twelve thousand people, the Prophet ﷺ was nominated to talk to Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam about the secrets of Divine Being. The purpose of this arrangement was that the whole truth should come before people at large so that the entire community becomes aware of the Prophet’s ﷺ mystical aspect. This implies that Huzurletet is the greatest experiencer of the Ultimate Truth and divine feelings of the spiritualism

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