According to Ibn Abbas :
“Some of the companions of Allah’s Messenger
were sitting and waiting for him. Meanwhile He came. When he
drew near to them he heard their conversation. One of them said:
‘How amazing it is that Allah 9 has chosen a close friend from
among his creatures! He has chosen Abraham as a close friend!’
Another said: ‘what is more amazing than the discourse of Moses
?! He has spoken him directly!’ Another said: ‘Jesus is the
word of Allah 9 and his spirit!’ Another said: ‘Adam was
chosen by Allah!’ Allah’s Messenger came more closer,
greeted them with salutations of peace and said: ‘I heard your
discourse and your amazement over Abraham is Allah’s 9 close
Friend [Khalil Allah], for that is how he is, and that Moses is
Allah’s Confidant [Najiyy Allah], for that how he is, and Jesus
is Allah’s spirit and His word [Ruh Allah wa kalimatullah], for
that is how he is, and that Adam was chosen by Allah9, for
that is how he is (the exalted one)! Listen! Indeed I am the
beloved of Allah [Habib Allah], I do not (say with) proud, I am
the bearer of the flag of praise on the Day of Resurrection, I do
not (say with) proud,! I am the first to knock the door of the
paradise, and Allah 9 will open it for me, He will cause me to
enter it, accompanied by the ascetic and the destitute and devout
believers, I do not (say with) proud, I am the noblest of the first
and the last (in the sight of Allah 9), I do not (say with) proud.’”
Reported by al-Tirmidhi and al-Darimi.

Set forth by al-Tirmidhi in al-Sunan, Bk.: al-Manaqib, Ch.: Merits of
Prophet, 5/578, $ 3616. al-Darimi in al-Sunan, 1/39, $ 47.

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