Nabi Pakﷺ enter Medina along Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam Hazrat Abu Bakr Radiallahu anhoo and Muhajirin.

Though the Quresh had a deep enmity towards the Prophet ﷺ yet they took him to be a thoroughly truthful and honest person. Hence they used to deposit their valuables and other precious belongings under his protection. At the time of Hijrat, he had many sorts of deposits. While leaving for Medina, he ordered Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam to lie on the bed and asked, “We have deposits of certain persons, please hand them over to the owners and then come to Medina,”

Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam left for Medina on the third day, after handing over the deposits to the persons concerned. His legs had been swollen because of walking, and his feet had cracks in many places. In this position, he reached to Kuba, a famous village of Medina. At that time the Prophet ﷺ was guest of the chief of Kuba, Hazrat Kulsum bin Al Hadam Radiallahu anhoo.

When Nabi Pak ﷺ saw his dear brother after a long journey full of troubles and woes whom he had brought up with love, and whose legs were swollen and had a layer of blood over them, he broke into tears. seeing him, he stood up and embraced him.

Immediately after Hazrat Kulsum ibn-e-Al Hadam made Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam also her guest. On the fifteenth day, after a stay of fourteen days as a guest, he left for Medina along with Hazrat Abu Bakr Radiallahu anhoo and Hazrat Alim AlahisSalam and the Muhajirin. During the seventh month of his halt at Medina, the foundation stone of Masjid-e Nabvi was laid, Huzur-e-Anwar Nabi Pakﷺ Muhajirin and Ansars became the labours of Allah All of them together joining hand to hand, were constructing the mosque. While Sahaabas used to bring stones, reciting couplets from the holy book, the tips of Huzur ﷺ face holy tongue were reciting the following verses:

“O Allah, the real success is, of course, of the day of judgement, but kindly forgives the Ansars and the Muhajirins.”

Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam also had been lifting and bringing at the same time, reciting the holy verses;

The person who creates a mosque and bears the hardship of sitting and standing over and over again is better than the one who escapes from that place to protect himself from the dust and rubbish that fly over there.

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