Ali AlahisSalam THE MIRACLE OF Nabi Pakﷺ part 20


In 632 A.D. the Prophet (S.A.W) deputed Ali (A.S.) to preach Islam in Yemen. Khalid Bin Waleed had
laboured for six months to bring the Yemenites to Islam but had miserably failed, because the people of
Yemen were proud of their heritage and culture and took the greatest pride in their traditions and
institutions. The Jewish and Christian colonies in and around Yemen were also famous for their
soldiers who were well versed with their scriptures and spoke with authority in the matter of their
Before Ali (A.S.) left for Yemen, the Prophet (S.A.W) examined the three hundred people Ali (A.S.) was
taking with him. He gave a black flag to Ali (A.S.) and tying a black turban on his head said, “Proceed to
Yemen and preach its inhabitants the divine law of Islam. You have to enlighten them with the
commandments of Allah as revealed in the Quran. Teach them the methods of prayers and extend them
the invitation to accept Islam. I swear by Allah that one conversion by you is far nobler and better than
all the wonders of nature on
which the sun rises and sets.”
On reaching Yemen, Ali (A.S.) read the Prophet (S.A.W)’s letter to the people and spoke to them the
doctrine of Islam in such a way that the entire Hamadani tribe embraced Islam on the very first day. The
Christian priests and the Jewish Rabies held daily discussions with him on religious doctrines and
dogmas and Ali (A.S.)’s sermons on the unity of Allah and the Islamic expositions of the values of life
greatly impressed them. After one of his sermons the Christian priest Kaab a distinguished scholar and
critic embraced Islam and others soon followed him. Similarly many Jewish Rabies and other tribes of
Yemen embraced Islam.

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