The Jews expected Nabi Pakﷺ

The Torah’s glad tidings of the impending arrival of the last Prophet made the Jews wait for him centuries before Nabi Pakﷺ was sent by Allah. They were certain that the time had come when the light of guidance would shine on them. Therefore, whenever they were confronted by the idolaters, they

would tell them would come

that the time had approached when a Prophet and, then they would fight and defeat them in his guidance. But when he came, they turned themselves away from him because of national and ancestral prejudices and jealousy. They shut their eyes to the truth and the Qurān held them guilty on that account, saying:

And when there came to them a Book (the Qurān) from Allah, confirming that which was with them – and though before (this) they used to pray for victory over those who disbelieve – but when there came to them what they recognised (the truth revealed to Nabi Pakﷺ), they disbelieved therein. So the curse of Allah is on the disbelievers. (Al-Baqarah, 2:89)

Sayyidina Abdullah Ibn Abbas Radiallahu anhoo has said that before the arrival of Nabi Pakﷺ , there was a confrontration between the tribe of Ghatfan and the Jews of Khybar made this supplication for victory against them:

“O Allah! We beseech you against the right of Hazrat Muhammadﷺ the unlettered Prophet of whose arrival in the last period You have assured us, grant us victory over them.”

Ali Azadi has said that the Jews of Yathrib (Madinah) when they fought them used to pray:

“O Allah! Send the Prophet that he may judge between us and the people (idolaters)”

When the second pledge of Aqabah was taken, seventy people visited him from Madinah to learn about Islam. He taught them what Islam invited to and told them all about It. Then, they said to one another, surely, he is the very Messenger about whom our scholars tell us frequently.


Besides, is not this knoweledge confirmed by the historical fact that when the Jews were overwhelmed convincingly by the Romans they deserted the very fertile lands of Syria, Palestine, Eastern Jordan and Yaman, and chose to settle in the Yathrib? It was their notable tribes, the Banu Qurayzah and Banu

Nadeer mainly who migrated to Yathrib and its surrounding areas. What had driven them to this place? Certainly there was only one reason. They had known from the glad tidings given by Sayyidina Musa AlahisSalam and the Prophets after him that the awaited Prophet would come to Yathrib and its surroundings. Alas! It was their national, tribal and ancestral prejudice that obstructed them from obeying him when he came. The Ansars (Helpers) of Madinah reminded the scholars of the Jews that they used to speak of the Nabi Pakﷺ and of believing in him, but they denied having said any such thing.

Tafsir Ibn Kathir • Al-Bidayah wa Al-Nihayah, V2, from Bayhaqi Biday al-Fawaid, V2 From Musnad Bazzar,

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