Hadith : The Awaited Imām Mahdī (علیہ السلام )

The Awaited Imām Mahdī (علیہ السلام)

Economic Prosperity and Fair Distribution of Wealth

  • عن أبي سعيد الخدري رضي الله عنه، قال: خشينا أن يكون بعد نبينا حدث، فسألنا نبي الله صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم، فقال: إن في أمتي المهدي يخرج يعيش خمسا أو سبعا أو تسعا — زيد الشاك — قال: قلنا: وما ذاك؟ قال: سنين. قال: فيجيء إليه رجل، فيقول: يا مهدي! أعطني، أعطني. قال: فيحثي له في ثوبه ما استطاع أن يحمله
  • “Abū Sa‘īd Khudrī (RA) narrates: We asked the Prophet (صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم) about happenings after him. We asked him: What will happen after you? He said: There will be Mahdī in my Ummah who will rule for five, or seven or nine, (the narrator is doubtful about the correct period). I asked: what is meant by this figure? He said: (this figure means) years. He said: (his period will be a period of blessing and prosperity.) A person will come over to him and ask him: O Mahdī! Give me something, give me something. So Mahdī will give him as many goods as he will be able to carry.”

  • Tirmidhī related this Hassan (fair) hadīth in al-Jāmi‘-us-sahīh, chapters of fitan (turmoils) 4:86 (#2232);
    Ahmad bin Hambal, al-Musnad (3:21, 22);
    Hindī, Kanz-ul-‘ummāl (14:262 # 38654); and
    Ibn Kathīr in al-Bidāyah wan-nihāyah (10:37).

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