The Prophet ﷺ’s beautiful ‘Light’ supplication…


→ Arabic: “Allahummaj’al fi qalbi nuran, wa fi lisani nuran, wa fi sam’i nuran, wa fibasari nuran, wa min fawqi nuran, wa min tahti nuran, wa ‘an yamini nuran, wa ‘an shimali nuran, wa min ‘amami nuran, wa min khalfi nuran, waj’alfinafsi nuran, wa ‘a’zim li nuran, wa ‘azzim li nuran, wafal li nuran, waj’alninuran, Allahumma ‘a’tini nuran, waj’al fi ‘asabi nuran, wafi lahmi nuran, wafi dami nuran, wa fi sha’ri nuran, wa fi bashari nuran.” [Bukhari]

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